Dr. Donna Marks, is a psychoanalyst, licensed addictions counselor, author, consultant, public speaker, and an instructor of A Course in Miracles, in Palm Beach, Florida.  By healing her childhood trauma, she grew from an 18 y.o., single mom and high school dropout to a person who overcame multiple addictions, poverty, and plenty of disasters during her life.  For over 30 years, she has helped thousands of people break patterns by reclaiming their minds and learning how to choose love over fear.  Her book, Learn, Grow, Forgive, offers a three-step process that helps people get out of the maze and stay out.  By facing the past, releasing old pain and forgiving yourself, you will find the love you have always wanted.

Live Media Experiences

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  • WPTV – Channel 5 News Interview – Local Authors – 5/13/19
  • Channel 2 – Discussion on Addictions
  • Local Radio Network  – Defining alcoholism – West Palm Beach, FL
  • Recovery Radio – Hanna Marks – Discussion on Addictive Relationships (live)
  • World of Mom Radio – Learn, Grow, Forgive overview – 4/19/19