What If Everything You've Been Taught About Addiction is Flat Out Wrong?
Find Out How To Conquer Your Addiction Before It Damages Your Health, Marriage, Job or Reputation
Even If Everything You've Tried So Far Has Failed...
Addiction Can Be a Blessing in Disguise When It Helps You Discover The ROOT CAUSE That Leads To a Permanent Recovery Without Brute Willpower

Are You Truly Ready To Treat The Cause And Finally RECOVER?

  • Warning Signals:  Do you feel you can’t quit, can’t sleep, consumed with anxiety, problems with your spouse, you’ve lost your job, you’ve lost your friends, live in turmoil, guilt, shame?
  • The Willpower Fallacy - You're devastated when you feel WORSE after using brute willpower to abstain for long periods of time.
  • ​Addiction Roulette: You dive deep to cure your addiction only to surface with a substitute behaviour or substance.
  • Silent Suffering: You've been on your own trying to find a way out of your addiction and it hasn't worked and you know that you need the right support to be able to succeed.
Exit the Maze: Reclaim My Power Over Addiction Online Course plus a FREE 30-Minute Consultation with Dr. Donna Marks ($150 value)
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Kimberly S. - Business Owner
"Dr. Marks is an incredible woman. My grandfather is no longer on medication. He couldn't go out even to the supermarket. Now he can go anywhere, and he's reading books, and really working on himself so he can be a better role-model for my daughter."
Steve B. -  Business Owner 
"I realized I was always trying to fill this big empty hole in my gut with power, money, sex or religion. What I'm really realizing  by doing this inner work is that the missing piece for me all along 
was self-love."
Paula T.
"If it wasn't for Dr. Marks, I'd be dead. I am a product of prescription medication."

Here Are The Goals and Changes of Perspective You Will Gain From This Course

  • How To Live Addiction-Free - You will release your hidden wounds, and truly enjoy being present in your life, no matter if you've failed to abstain many times before.
  • You Will Learn to View Your Addiction as a Blessing in Disguise - By changing your perspective, it presents an opportunity to heal something much deeper, and if you do the work, it can lead you on a path to genuine self-love and a fulfilled life.
  • You're Not Broken - You will change your perception of addiction from something wrong with you to something that’s wrong with our conditioning. We live in a society that unconsciously attempts to replace love with endless substitutes.
  • Discover The Root Cause - Your addictive behavior is seen as the source of the problem rather than the symptom of an underlying cause. You're left treating the symptom and not the empty hole that your addiction is trying to fill.
  • ​How To Cure From The Inside-Out - Your abstinence will stop the behavior but not the addiction. Studies show that all willful attempts to stop or reduce the addictive behavior only intensify the obsession.
  • You Will Experience an Integral Approach - Diagnosis criteria are inconsistent from one professional body to another, and none provides a comprehensive view. You're left with many treatment options and not a direct path to healing.
  • You Will Discover The Path To Your Real Cure - Being well means that you have healed the underlying cause of the addiction and thus have removed the need to use anything or anyone to pacify relentless internal pain.

Who Is Dr. Donna Marks?

  • Established: Donna Marks has been a licensed psychotherapist and addictions counselor in private practice in Palm Beach County for over 30 years.
  • Public Speaker: Conferences and Corporate Functions.
  • Published Author: Learn, Grow, Forgive - A Path to Spiritual Success and Exit the Maze - One Addiction, One Cause, One Cure.
  • Educator: Dr. Marks has received multiple awards for her contribution to the field of recovery, including the development of chemical dependency training program at Palm Beach State College, and as a consultant to treatment centers.
  • Holistic Approach: As a Certified Psychoanalyst and instructor of A Course in Miracles, she combines these tools to help you heal the past and find meaning in all of your life experiences. Only then will you be able to walk away from addiction like any other bad relationship.

What's Included In The "Exit the Maze: Reclaim My Power Over Addiction" Online Course + Private Therapy Session?

  • Module 1: Welcome - Are You Ready to Get Started? 
    Dr. Donna Marks walks you through a self-evaluation to help you identify and pinpoint the issues that might be driving your addiction. In this module, you will get clarity on what's driving your addiction and prepare and inspire yourself to do the work.

    1. Is This Course Right for You?
    2. Are You Ready to Stop?
  • Module 2: Are You Ready to Let Go?
    In this module you will discover some very profound insights about your relationship with the addiction. The first step in overcoming addiction is to be honest with yourself, and if you discover that you are not ready yet, then do not judge yourself. You can start the process of self-love right away or you can wait until you are ready.

    What Are the Consequences of Continuing my Addiction? (Takes at least 15 minutes)
  • Module 3: Using the Power of Your Imagination to Project Forward
    After connecting with the consequences that you are facing with your addiction, you will learn to adopt a new perspective and clearly project what your life would be like without the pain and the need to fill the emptiness.

    Exercise: What Would Your Dream Life Look Like? (Takes 15-30 minutes) 
  • Module 4: The Connection Between Illness and Addiction
    In this module, Dr. Marks asks you to review the progress from the previous lesson and then does a deep dive into the connection between illness and addiction. You will discover a little known fact that addiction is the underlying cause for most major illnesses such as heart disease. Use the power of this realization to fuel your commitment for recovery and to live a long and healthy life.
  • Module 5: Self-Evaluation & Next Steps
    Dr. Marks will take you through an evaluation process to see exactly how you feel. In this module you will be able to complete a simple survey to schedule a FREE private virtual call with Dr. Marks to help you anchor everything you discovered in the course and personalize your recovery treatment and support network.
  • Your Private Session with Dr. Donna Marks - You will leverage all the dynamics and perspectives you discovered in this course and put it to work in your private video session with Dr. Donna Marks.

    * A one-hour session with Dr. Marks is $300 so this free session has a value of $150

    In this FREE 30-minute session you will accomplish:
  • Clarity on how your addiction has impacted your life and your readiness for a lifelong cure.
  • ​Your ability to see your life being addiction-free without struggling and how to feel truly fulfilled in your journey.
  • The steps needed to close the gap between where you are today and the healthy life you want to reach.
  • ​Do you feel like you need additional support? Dr. Donna Marks will work with you on a personalized plan to expand everything you've learned and put it into a life blueprint without the need for brute willpower.
Get Your "Exit the Maze: Reclaim My Power Over Addiction" Online Course + Private Therapy Session Today!
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Purchase the course, go through each video and complete the exercises. If you do not feel a solid connection with the CAUSE of your addiction and a path for how to CURE, you will get a 100% refund with no questions asked.
Once you complete the course, you can fill out a simple survey to get a FREE 30-minute consultation with Dr. Marks.
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Other Practitioners Have Said About Their Experience!
Bonnie G. - Author, Business Owner 
"It's not something that's hard to follow. You do these three steps and you'll see results."
Tom G. - Addictions Counselor, Podcaster  
"In my journey, the more authentic I am, the healthier I am, the happier I am, the better I am for the world. The work that I've done with Donna has helped me tap into my creative voice in a way I've never done before."
Mary Lee B.
"I'm a recovering alcoholic and I've been sober for 30 years, which is great. But, there was something missing. Today I feel happy and complete."
Alexis K. - Realtor
"Dr. Marks is teaching you how to heal from the inside, how to face the trauma that caused you to want to do these drugs in the first place, and find that other source of fulfillment, heal it, and just love yourself. Through loving yourself you connect with others better."
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