Learn, Grow, Forgive

A Path to Spiritual Success

What to expect from reading
Learn, Grow, Forgive: A Path to Spiritual Success

  • Three step process to break a pattern
  • How to turn reactions into healing actions
  • How to turn your mistakes into blessings
  • How to stop falling for the quick fix
  • How to replace self-destructive behavior with self-love

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Learn, Grow, Forgive: A Path to Spiritual Success

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After thirty years of personal and professional healing, Dr. Donna Marks has developed a three-step process that offers a path to freedom from bondage. Learn, Grow, Forgive is written for those of you stuck in a pattern you can't break. It provides you with a way out of the maze.

Marks shows you how to change an insane mindset from "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" to a new sanity, "doing the same thing over and over again and getting different results." Learn, Grow, Forgive helps you discover the origins of your unbreakable patterns; shows you how to grow beyond the emotional blocks that have entrapped you; and allows you to forgive-the doorway to lasting happiness.

Marks' three-step process describes in detail how you can take any situation in your life and move it from the failure column to the success column. You'll understand how all your experiences were perfectly designed to give your life meaning and purpose. No matter what's happened, you can heal, you can be happy, and you can love yourself in a way no one can take away.

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  • Avatar photo Julie P says:

    I can’t thank Dr Donna Marks enough for her Learn, grow, forgive book!
    The personal experience I had in answering the questions, and allowing it all to sink in under Dr. Donna’s guidance transformed my understanding about relationships. My childhood was of course a factor, but this book makes so much sense, that it went far beyond ending my confusion. I gained confidence, as a result of her clarity. I recommend this book. To heal is pure freedom!

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