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How often have you waited and given up on the thing you most wanted because it seemed it wouldn’t happen? At first, you did all the right things to prepare yourself for the miracle, and then a positive mental attitude slowly eroded away with negative thoughts. “This isn’t going to happen,” “You want too much,” “You’ve screwed up too many times, and you don’t have any more chances.” Sometimes, you might even be told its Karma, the universal correction for your past mistakes – or maybe even for someone else’s mistakes.

The biggest mistake any of us make is quitting before the miracle. Or, on the flip side, trying to force something to happen before its time.

Being in the waiting room is a recipe for spiritual success. It’s not torture, and it’s not punishment. It’s simply a matter of perfect timing. All dreams – like all acts of nature – take time. When we give up, we walk away from the vision that was germinating without our ability to witness the process.

We get a lesser version of success or a flop when we force things. For example, you can give a seed extra water to hasten its growth, but it will wilt and die if it even sprouts at all. Likewise, you can’t turn up the oven to accelerate the baking of a cake without ruining it.

The waiting room is the place where we mature and grow spiritually. When we do what we are guided to do and then wait, good things happen. It’s easy to get discouraged, angry, depressed when it seems like nothing is happening. In these situations, you have two choices. You can get down, or you can keep affirming that the divine plan is in process and will unfold at the perfect time. You dismiss negative thoughts as they pop into your mind as if you’re changing the channel on the radio and want to listen to something better.

Master plans take time. While the universal architect is constructing someone’s vision, we are being presented with an opportunity to refine our emotional demands, wants, and must-haves. Then, when we choose to overcome these impulses, we are ready to receive the gift, and not one minute before, lest we are bound to sabotage our success, as we tend to do when things are too easy.

I can attest that all the miracles in my life came from doing the footwork and then stepping aside and waiting. Whenever I tried to rush things along, I simply wasted time and money. Usually, because someone (or something inside me) told me I needed to do something else instead of practicing patience. When I resisted those urges and continued to affirm “Gods will not mine,” the result was far better than I ever imagined. The skepticism and criticism of being in “la-la land” rapidly vanished because this process worked. After a lifetime of errors and corrections, and having learned from both, my faith in a divine intelligence that orchestrates all miraculous outcomes is natural.

If you’re in the waiting room, it’s an opportunity to continue to work on yourself. Once you’ve done the preparations, the main work will be right within your mind. So, dismiss any sabotaging thoughts or behaviors, keep working on yourself, and trust that your dream or something better will arrive at the perfect time.

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Dr. Donna Marks has been an author, consultant, public speaker, and psychotherapist for over thirty years. She was licensed as a Mental Health Counselor in 1987 and then certified in Addiction, Gestalt Therapy, Hypnosis, Sex Therapy, and Psychoanalysis. She currently has a concierge psychotherapy practice in Palm Beach, Florida.
She has appeared on numerous podcasts and local television. She is the author of two books, Learn Grow Forgive – A Path to Spiritual Success, and Exit the Maze: One Addiction, One Cause, One Solution (revised), and winner of multiple book awards. Her next book, The Healing Moment: Seven Keys to Turn Messes into Miracles, will be released in 2023.

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