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There is more than one route to the same destination. We aren’t here to tell you how to make your journey, but we can provide a navigational system that does work. In fact, it’s been proven and refined for over 30 years.

Keep in mind, sober means abstinent from any compulsive behavior that has caused you to suffer. When you have healed, all of your compulsive negative energy is then channeled into learning how to love yourself. We want you to stay sober, and also be able to return to your natural, joyous state, and to fulfill your life purpose.

I want to caution you; the main reason people don’t succeed is that they do not follow the suggestions. Think about it. If someone doesn’t do what their job description defines, they will under perform and likely get fired. A person is told to take antibiotics as prescribed, and they don’t follow the prescription, they might not get well. If one of two people can’t keep an agreement, the relationship is doomed to fail. Freedom from addiction is the most important agreement you will make to yourself.

We want you to succeed. You won’t get better if you keep playing games with your sobriety. Be willing to stick it out until you complete the recommendations. If you jump around from one healer, or one teacher to the next, or one program to another, you are likely to wind up with a whole lot of nothing. Master one thing at a time, and right now, staying sober is the number one priority.

The Pill Trap

We caution our patients about going to different doctors. Mood-altering medications cause more relapses than anything I know. Many physicians have no clue about the dangers of narcotics to addicted people; they are trained to write scripts. Narcotic medications are no different than alcohol or illegal drugs. If you’ve ever become addicted to any one of them, count on getting addicted to all. I have witnessed hundreds who’ve lost their sobriety over pills prescribed by doctors and treatment centers — it is heart-breaking. It’s like watching someone at the Olympics approach the final feat, and someone throws a bucket of rocks in their path. Don’t stumble on pills thrown your way; you can’t blame doctors; you are responsible for putting your sobriety first.

The Therapy Maze

Some people like to shop around for different therapists, and this too can be confusing. There are psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, addictions counselors, coaches, etc., and the level of training in addiction and mental health is varied. It will never serve you to get several opinions on the same matter — especially concerning addiction.

Recipe for Success

We want to give you a clear diagnosis of your addiction and to provide you with the tools to remain sober and free. We are not here to attempt to control you in any way. Every choice you make, and action you take is up to you. We offer the ingredients to achieve success, but you will be responsible for following the recipe. If needed, we will refer you to outside sources that we know will facilitate your progress, and that are consistent with our course.

Our approach deals with the physical, psychological, and spiritual strengths and deficits you are experiencing. If you feel that you can pick and choose from the suggestions, this course is not for you. Our three-step process is designed to get you out of the addiction maze and into a fulfilling life, not transfer you from one maze to another. We also provide you the tools to heal the emotional disturbance that drives you toward addiction. And finally, we help you to learn how to love yourself so that the thought of harming yourself is the farthest thing from your mind.

Do you feel ready to end the insanity of addiction?

You can start right now by deciding that you are worth saving.

If you want to connect with Dr. Donna Marks, and find out about her tools and programs on how to Reclaim Your Power Over Addiction, visit her website

About the Author — Dr. Donna Marks believes that the current models for diagnosis, treatment, and addiction have failed. Her mission is to help save at least 10 million lives by 2030, through education and prevention. She has been an author, consultant, educator, public speaker, licensed psychotherapist, instructor of A Course in Miracles, and addictions counselor in private practice in Palm Beach, Florida, for more than thirty years.

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